First time at Trader Joe’s!

Happy Monday! I went to Trader Joe’s for the first time this weekend and am now a little obsessed…I can’t believe I waited this long to go! I picked up some breakfast food, snacks, and a frozen dinner meal. I can’t wait to try everything! Any suggestions for goodies that I should pick up next time I go?


Just a few things I picked up: Chocolate Almond Granola, Blueberry Wheat Bran Muffins, Reduced Guilt Guacamole, Cookie Butter, and Breakfast Trek Mix


Coconut milk yogurt


Polenta Provencale with spinach and peas in a spicy cream sauce



Dinner was delicious!


5 thoughts on “First time at Trader Joe’s!

  1. Rachael says:

    OMG cookie butter! I had only ever seen it in Europe and am now officially obsessed (it might be even better than Nutella, in my opinion!). Glad to know it exists Stateside – now if only Westfield had a Trader Joe’s…

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