Arrival in Paris!

I can’t believe one day has already gone by here in France! We arrived around 1 PM (7 AM EST) and took the train to meet my friend in another part of Paris. From there we went to our apartment, which in a nice neighborhood and is set up like a studio, with a bed and a couch along with laundry and a kitchen. We then set out to get some groceries for the week. Turns out France has a “sugar tax” on cookies, candy etc but fruit and veggies are super cheap…now I know how they stay so skinny! We then got our first French meal…mine was a quiche Lorraine (ham), which was delicious!







We then set off to do some sightseeing. We walked from our apartment towards Notre Dame church and the Seine. We went in the church and walked around outside, seeing beautiful flowers and the bridge of locks.






As soon as we needed a break we headed to a bar for happy hour! Apparently happy hour here starts as early as 4 and can go as late as 10. I tried a raspberry mojito and a screaming orgasm (yes that is the real name)…both were half off for happy hour! We then got on the metro and headed to another section of Paris to get dinner. The place we chose had a “prix fixe” menu, meaning you pick one appetizer, entree, and dessert for a set price (16 euro), which is a really good deal! I chose escargots (snails), beef bourgignon, and creme brûlée. So good!! Then we called it a night since Sam and I are running off a few hours of airplane sleep…need to get our rest for another busy day tomorrow!







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