Spring is Here!

Monday we had a beautiful 70 degree day…wasn’t it in the 30s a month ago? Oh New England. Just glad I was finally able to break out a sundress and wedges!

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Dress: Burlington Coat Factory (old) | Cardigan: Gap Outlet (old) | Necklace: Loopsway

Today it’s rainy and cloudy, but at least in the 60s. Corduroys it is!

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Top: Brickyard Buffalo (old) | Corduroys: Gap Outlet (old) | Earrings: Forever 21 (old)


Healthy Snack: Arctic Zero Mint Chocolate Cookie “Ice Cream”

I normally don’t have a big sweet tooth; I’m more of a crunchy, salty snacker. However, sometimes I just crave ice cream, cookies, the whole nine yards. But dairy ice cream usually gives me a stomach ache, besides being pretty unhealthy. I had recently seen Arctic Zero referenced on a blog as a healthy/dairy free alternative to ice cream, and was surprised to find it at Walmart! It is made with whey protein and is almost completely dairy free, and very low in sugar. Here’s the real wow factor…the ENTIRE PINT is 150 calories! Mind blown.

I decided to try the mint chocolate cookie flavor, but was a bit disappointed when I got home to see that there were no cookie bits in it! So I bought a box of 100 calorie Oreo packs which I figured I could crush and add to the Arctic Freeze. Tonight after the gym I finally tried it…I was not disappointed! I saw reviews that said it is best if you let it soften a bit (to a soft-serve like consistency) before eating, which was definitely a good tip, and once it was mixed with the Oreos it tasted like a guilty treat…for only 135 calories (1/4 of the pint with one 100 calorie pack). Now I’m excited to try the other flavors! Anyone have a suggestion of which to try next?


Atlas Fitness Tracker

I’ve recently been looking into getting a fitness tracker to help me keep track of calories burned and the duration of my workouts. I was looking into the Polar FT4 (around $65) and the Polar FT7 (around $75), both cheap enough that my parents might consider getting me one for my upcoming birthday! However, today I saw a post for the Atlas fitness tracker. It’s new (only available by pre-order) but it will not only calculate calories and duration but also identifies your exercise (so cool!), calculates the number of reps, and evaluates your form. Check it out here; there’s a cool video on how it works in real time. It also isn’t a super bulky “manish” watch, and doesn’t appear to require a chest strap! It runs for around $180 though, so not a cheap option. But it sounds really, really cool…and I kind of want it. Thoughts?


Atlas Fitness Tracker

First time at Trader Joe’s!

Happy Monday! I went to Trader Joe’s for the first time this weekend and am now a little obsessed…I can’t believe I waited this long to go! I picked up some breakfast food, snacks, and a frozen dinner meal. I can’t wait to try everything! Any suggestions for goodies that I should pick up next time I go?


Just a few things I picked up: Chocolate Almond Granola, Blueberry Wheat Bran Muffins, Reduced Guilt Guacamole, Cookie Butter, and Breakfast Trek Mix


Coconut milk yogurt


Polenta Provencale with spinach and peas in a spicy cream sauce



Dinner was delicious!

Pastels and Polka Dots

I noticed a trend in my outfits this week…polka dots and pastels! I guess spring finally is here, for now…

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Top: Thrifted | Cardigan: Gap Outlet (old) | Corduroys: Gap Outlet (old) | Flats: Easy Spirit | Necklace: Edith Marie (on sale!)

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Top: Gap Outlet | Cardigan: Gap Outlet (old) | Skirt: Gap Outlet (old) | Boots: Shoedazzle (old) | Bow Bracelet: Kiel James Patrick | Dangle Bracelet: Gap Outlet (old)


Welcome to my blog! I am excited to start chronicling my daily fashion, recipes, workouts, and other fun stuff that’s going on in my life 🙂

So to start, I’m a twenty-something New England girl who, in the two years since college, has embarked on a healthy lifestyle. Now I won’t pretend I’m some ripped and 100% dedicated bodybuilder…I’m not. However, I do enjoy cooking healthy meals for myself and making “healthified” versions of my not-so-healthy favorites. This has sparked my interest in nutrition and becoming a dietitian, so I will be starting my masters/dietetic coursework this fall. I also enjoy working out…I hit the gym about 4-6 times a week and it has become a fun part of my routine. I’ve done one mud run (5K) and while I’m not really a runner (yet), I do try to incorporate different things into my workouts to switch it up. I also love fashion…I used to spend most of my time in sweatpants and sweatshirts in college and am happy to say I broke free of that once I became a working girl! However, I am on a budget, so I enjoy trying to create cute looks I see on other bloggers or in magazines for less. I also love to travel, do crazy things with my friends, drink craft beer, go to the beach, and lots of other things. So I may be blogging about a lot of different things as time goes on!

I hope you enjoy my blog and please leave comments with any tips or tricks; I love trying new recipes and hearing suggestions for new outfits!

That's me, post-mud run!

That’s me, post-mud run!