Paris: Day 7!

Our trip is already at an end…it flew by so fast! We headed out on the train from Forbach to Paris Sunday morning to spend the day in Paris before flying out on Monday. Once we arrived in Paris, we went right to the hotel, 5 large suitcases in tow! Rachael had to bring 3 big bags with her, one of which had a broken wheel, so we were having a bit of a struggle getting through the metro and streets of Paris with all that luggage. But after dropping off our bags, we took off to the river seine to go on a boat cruise. I grabbed a tuna and cheese panini and we took our food with us as we walked. The boat cruise was about an hour long and it took us along the river to see many of the famous Parisian landmarks, some of which we had already seen but it was cool to see them from the water. We also had a tour guide, so it was interesting to hear stories about each site. It was a bright and sunny day so we got a little sun up on the top of the boat, too!










After the boat cruise, we headed to a nearby park and grabbed some ice cream. We sat in the park and watched the kids racing boats in the fountain. I was shocked by how many people were just milling around the park relaxing, especially for a Sunday! We then went to Saint Sulpice church, which was the church in the Da Vinci Code where the monk had to break open the rose line in the floor, so it was cool to see in person! We then headed off to find a local bar for our last happy hour…they served the drinks with glow sticks as stirrers, which was really cool. After having a few drinks we headed off to Cafe Jade, a restaurant Rachael really liked, for dinner. We had escargots for an appetizer and I ordered a croque madame again for dinner. We grabbed one last drink at one of Rachael’s favorite bars, Bastille, before heading back to the apartment to get some sleep. Tomorrow we head back to the US! We had such an amazing trip, and we definitely had a busy week, but I wish it could have been longer!

IMG_3011[1] IMG_3012[1] IMG_3014[1] IMG_3020[1] IMG_3023[1] IMG_3024[1] IMG_3027[1] IMG_3029[1] IMG_3030[1] IMG_3032[1]


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