2nd Annual Dirty Girl Mud Run!

Saturday I completed my 2nd 5k mud run! We had a blast once again and definitely got nice and muddy (I think I need a pedicure to get all of it out of my toenails). I only did it with 2 friends this year, but the other 2 are definitely doing it next year, so we will carry on the tradition once again!  I also donated my shoes again at the end; Dirty Girl will clean and donate the muddy sneakers to those in need. Therefore, I have an excuse to buy some new sneaks…yay!

This year we ran a later wave, so we had to wait longer at some of the obstacles than last year. But according to my Fitbit (which I wore under a sweatband so it didn’t fall off), I still burned 410 calories…not bad for running/climbing 3.1 miles! We celebrated with our free beers, free Larabar samples, and lunch at the sports park before heading home. Then my boyfriend and I celebrated with dinner. Can’t wait to do it all again next year!


Before and after!


Tough mudders!


Last year’s before and after photos!


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