Transformation Tuesday: Dirty Girl Mud Run Edition

My fellow dirty girl’s thoughts on our mud run!

Rookie Running Life

This past weekend was filled with fun, especially since my two best friends and I were running our second Dirty Girl Mud Run, a down-and-dirty 5k obstacle course filled with mud, rocks, grime, and all things mother nature.

It was a great day for the race – sunny, but not too hot and humid. We lucked out there. We entered the 10:30 wave, which seemed to be a popular option since some obstacles had us waiting in line to complete – such as the “Get Over Yourself” wall climb. But my friends and I made the most of our wait, catching up on life while dancing to some of the music blaring from the speakers.

According to my friend Lisa’s Fitbit (by the way, you MUST check out her blog here), we burned over 400 calories while having a great time. I must admit though, it took a…

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