Strawberry Chocolate Crunch Parfait

Hello everyone! This last week has been a whirlwind of events for my birthday and the long weekend. I had the chance to catch up with almost all of my family and friends, went to the casino for a fun night out, and ended the long weekend with a friend at the beach. Life couldn’t be much better right now 🙂

However, as busy as I’ve been, I’ve still had time to whip up some delicious meals in the kitchen! You probably know by now how much I love breakfast, and how important it is for me to eat a filling breakfast so I’m not raiding my snack drawer by 10:30 AM. So this week, since it’s been really warm (yay for summer coming!), I decided to make a yogurt parfait for breakfast. Simple, refreshing, yet filling enough to get me to noon without my stomach grumbling. This actually ended up being so filling that I ate it in two servings; half for breakfast and half for an evening snack.

I like my parfaits to be crunchy, so I wait and put the granola and nuts on right before eating so it doesn’t get soft. The Blue Diamond Dark Chocolate Almonds add the perfect crunch; they also add a nice chocolate flavor without all the extra sugar and calories of chocolate chips. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did – perfect for a warm summer day!


IMG_1601 IMG_1602 IMG_1603 IMG_1605 IMG_1607 IMG_1608 IMG_1610

Strawberry Chocolate Crunch Parfait


  • 1 cup plain, non-fat Greek yogurt
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/4 cup granola
  • 1/2 cup sliced strawberries
  • handful of Blue Diamond Dark Chocolate Almonds, chopped
  • 1 tbsp shredded coconut


1.) In two small bowls or Tupperwares, layer the yogurt, cinnamon, granola, and strawberries. Top with a little more yogurt, coconut, and chopped almonds. Enjoy!

This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds.



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