Why You Should Stop Trying to Lose Weight

Hi there! I have been very MIA recently as I am in the final few months (ahhh!) of my dietetic internship as well as my master’s degree. Time has certainly flown and I have already learned SO MUCH. I can’t wait to venture into the nutrition field and use all I have learned to help others!

Why You Should Stop Trying to Lose Weight

Image Source: Matt Chinworth for The Washington Post

I wanted to pop in and quickly share this article. I feel it’s a great “starting point” for those who are questioning diets, as you should, showing that there is real scientific evidence behind why a weight-focused approach to health is not helpful (and is actually harmful!) My favorite quote from the article was:

“Abandoning weight loss as a goal — taking it off the table completely — and refocusing on personally meaningful, healthy behaviors seems like our best shot at true wellness.”

Amen to that! Give the article a read and comment to let me know what you think.