Fitbit Flex Review!

So I think I mentioned that I got a Fitbit Flex for my birthday, and I have to say that after about 3 weeks of wearing it, I still love it! Now that I know how all its bells and whistles work, I wanted to put up a review of what I like and don’t like about it. I know that when I was looking at different fit trackers I thought reviews were helpful, so hopefully this will inspire some of you to try the Fitbit (or another tracker)!

So this is what the Fitbit Flex looks like. It’a a thin rubber armband that snaps on; it comes with a larger and a smaller armband, which I assume is supposed to be men’s/women’s, so I use the smaller one for my little wrist. The small “chip” goes inside of the armband, and this is what you charge on a USB to keep the Fitbit going (I usually charge it once every 4-5 days). You can wear the Fitbit in the shower if you want to and the chip still works (but not in the pool)!

Basically the chip sends all of your info (steps, calories, miles, active minutes) to your phone via an app or your computer via a USB. I solely use the app because it’s more convenient, since I almost always have my phone. If you tap the Fitbit twice, 1-5 circles will light up. Each circle represents 20% of your daily goal. So the more circles, the closer you are! You can set your daily goal on the app to be a certain number of steps, calories, etc. Mine is set to 15,000 steps a day. Once you reach your daily goal, the Fitbit will vibrate! I also check my stats on my phone throughout the day to see how I am doing.

You can also add in a certain activity and its duration, which I do at the gym, and manually add calories if you wish. You can look at a chart of your day for each stat (i.e. miles) and see how far you went in 15 minute increments. For example, one day I took a walk with my coworkers but didn’t bring my phone. When I got back to the office, I was able to look at the chart and see how long our walk took, how many miles, how many calories, and how many steps. Very cool! It also tracks sleep – simply put it on your non-dominant wrist, go into the app, and add sleep log…then it will log sleep data until you wake up. Then simply press “I’m awake” on the app and it gives you a sleep summary!


The armband isn’t huge, so it’s not bulky or super noticeable.

I like that it doesn’t look like a watch, because I already wear a watch and don’t want to look like I’m wearing one on each arm!

You can see how close you are to your goal right on the Fitbit, in case you don’t have your phone/computer handy.

I love that it vibrates when you meet your daily goal – such a feeling of accomplishment!

I think the best part of the Fitbit is just seeing it on my wrist, which is a constant reminder to KEEP MOVING! I find myself thinking “I’ll take the stairs, because I need more active minutes!” It’s all in my head, but it works!

When I add an activity (i.e. elliptical), I can click one button and have it tweet out my stats to Twitter.

It analyzes how long and how well I sleep!

You can look at a chart of your day for each stat (i.e. miles) to break down your stats into 15 minute increments.

Fitbit sends you emails with new badges (i.e. First 10, 000 steps) and weekly progress reports.

You can sync up with friends who have a Fitbit (unfortunately I have none) and challenge each other!

You can add in calories consumed and water consumption for the day (I don’t do this, but some people love calorie counting- it can all be done in the app!)

The battery life is really good, usually 4-5 days, and you can see the battery level on the app. It also sends you emails when it is low.


You have to go to the app to view all stats (except percentage of goal completed). Not a big inconvenience, but sometimes I wish the armband had a little screen that told me steps, miles, etc. without having to check my phone.

The USB won’t sync with my computer. Not sure why. But at least I have the app, so I use that to track my info!

The Fitbit didn’t come with a user manual, just said to go to a website to set it up. Therefore, I had to surf the internet to find out how to do certain things, or just figure them out myself.

The Fitbit has a hard time recording some stats while on certain gym machines. For example, the Cybex arc trainer doesn’t seem to be detected…if I do half an hour on the machine it only recognizes about 3 active minutes. Not a big deal, since I add in my gym activities manually anyways, but I wish it could more accurately measure my workouts.

Doesn’t record heart rate.

Overall I love the Fitbit! I like that it keeps me motivated and is very easy to use. It came with a black armband but you can get other colors to snap the chip into. I’m thinking the Tiffany blue or hot pink?? Maybe my next purchase 🙂 Also a Tory Burch collection is supposed to be arriving soon…can’t wait to see what patterns they will have! Let me know how you like your Fitbit/activity tracker or if you want to get one!


Atlas Fitness Tracker

I’ve recently been looking into getting a fitness tracker to help me keep track of calories burned and the duration of my workouts. I was looking into the Polar FT4 (around $65) and the Polar FT7 (around $75), both cheap enough that my parents might consider getting me one for my upcoming birthday! However, today I saw a post for the Atlas fitness tracker. It’s new (only available by pre-order) but it will not only calculate calories and duration but also identifies your exercise (so cool!), calculates the number of reps, and evaluates your form. Check it out here; there’s a cool video on how it works in real time. It also isn’t a super bulky “manish” watch, and doesn’t appear to require a chest strap! It runs for around $180 though, so not a cheap option. But it sounds really, really cool…and I kind of want it. Thoughts?


Atlas Fitness Tracker


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That's me, post-mud run!

That’s me, post-mud run!